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Develop Your People – Enhance Your Company's Success

People development isn't rocket science. With a few coaching fundamentals any executive can learn, you can gradually develop your people into top performers. My new book "Impact" explains how coaching works in day-to-day business – not only for consultants and coaching pros but for anyone interested in agile leadership and effective, positive guidance.

In ten chapters, "Impact' sheds light on how coaching tools can be used to develop employees’ potential. The book answers questions such as

  • What is the value of coaching discussions?
  • What exactly is coaching – and what isn't it?
  • What are appropriate occasions for coaching?
  • Who is coachable? How can you trigger solutions?
  • How to work with questions?

Based on real-life stories and experiences from my own coaching practice, I provide tips that have proven helpful in the international business arena. As a reader, you benefit from a range of take-aways, each presented as briefly as possible and as extensively as necessary. Chapters are rounded off by info boxes and summaries of key points, offering both a quick overview of specific concepts and effective guidance along your way towards greater company success through effective people development.

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Masha Ibeschitz Impact

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