Develop your people – Enhance your company's success

Masha Ibeschitz

Masha Ibeschitz Impact



As an entrepreneur, your focus is on sustainable business success.
But how do you achieve it? And what role do your employees play in all this?

In her book 'Impact', Masha Ibeschitz demonstrates the significance employees have for their companies' success. The coaching basics she presents help managers and companies guide their people on their way to top performance. 'Impact' is a must-read for everyone interested in people development, agile leadership, and sustainable economic success.



Your way to sustainable business success

Masha Ibeschitz is certain that this book is an important step on your way towards corporate success. Try and see for yourself.


Masha Ibeschitz

"With effective people development, you pave the way to sustainable success for your company." With more than 20 years of experience, Masha Ibeschitz is one of the top names of coaching. And she knows the ropes in the executive world. As a reflection guide and executive coach, she serves clients around the globe. She shows executives of global companies in different industries how to enhance their impact in the VUCA world, minimize pressure, resolve conflicts, and drive valuable people development. As a management trainer, she regularly hosts leadership journeys with participants from different countries and cultures, teaching the basics of coaching to managers.

"Impact. Develop Your People – Enhance Your Company's Success" is her first book.

Masha Ibeschitz lives in the heart of Vienna, Austria, with her family.