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Masha Ibeschitz

Masha Ibeschitz Book Impact



Work diaries that look like big patchwork rugs – e-mail inboxes that keep getting flooded: part of the everyday work routine for many people.

Time left for strategic work: none.
Improvement of the situation: not in sight.

With Masha Ibeschitz's 'Impact', these times are finally over. An excellent read, the book offers your readers meaningful real-life experiences und practical tools – thus helping them develop their people, get more effective support, and work jointly to enhance their business success.



An excellent read

Before you order your free reading sample, read an excerpt of "Impact" to see how much value it is to you and your readers!


Masha Ibeschitz

Valuable and worth a read: 'More impact through reflectiveness.'

With more than 20 years of experience, Masha Ibeschitz is one of the top names of the coaching scene and familiar with the executive world. As a reflection guide and top executive coach, she serves clients around the globe, showing executives of global companies from various industries how to enhance their impact in the VUCA world, minimize pressure, resolve conflicts, and develop their people into top performers. As a management trainer, she regularly hosts leadership journeys with participants from different countries and cultures, teaching the basics of coaching to managers. 'Impact' is her first book – an excellent read offering plenty of practical guidance.

Masha Ibeschitz lives in the heart of Vienna, Austria, with her family.