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Change Management #1 - Is change always agile?

The other week I was invited to Italy to give a keynote speech on „How to get management ready for change.” With a group of 30 entrepreneurs I discussed the key lessons I took away from working with boards and market-leading companies across Europe. Over the next few weeks, I’ll share these ten lessons with you, one by one.

One hotly debated...

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Coaching success doesn't fall into your lap

Imagine you want to buy a a new sofa for your living room. You check out various furniture stores, do a few test-sits, run your fingers across surfaces, compare fabrics and colors. Eventually you pick a sofa and look forward to its delivery.

Finally, delivery day comes. The movers carry in your sofa, you show them to the living room – and get a...

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ATD conference 2019: Impact and inspiration

Washington, May 2019 – the World's Largest Talent Development Conference, a three-day event hosted by the Association for Talent Development (ATD), attracted some 11,000 people. Keynote speakers included celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey and Seth Godin. A multitude of international workshops enabled attendees to explore new topics and deepen their...

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Trust in online coaching

Over the past five years, the general interest in online coaching has grown enormously and so, more and more people ask me how it differs from real-life coaching. Some also express doubts, wondering whether online coaching can really work. After all, coaching is strongly based on empathy and trust. So, Masha, – they say – how do you intend to...

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Coaching: Are you still pushing or already pulling?

High noon, at the senior management conference of a large chemical company. Tom Mayer, old war horse and enigmatic leader, clears his throat. "Ladies and Gentlemen: The digital revolution has finally arrived here,” he starts. “I will personally see to it that one by one, all our departments are brought up to digital speed, ..." An uneasy murmur...

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High time to round off your learning

When the railway was first invented over 200 years ago, doctors believed that its speed – less than 20 miles per hour – was a life hazard. By comparison, the current digital transformation feels like a real race. And yet: before long we will realize it’s been a leisurely ride so far, compared to what lies ahead. In other words, change won't slow...

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Who ever said questions were taboo?

Romeo and Juliet are lying on the floor, dead. There is a puddle of water and some broken glass. What happened? I use this little riddle in my seminars, encouraging participants to ask open questions to find the solution. Those who don't know it usually offer the wildest theories, but hardly anyone ever asks the most important question: Who are...

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