New Year’s Resolutions

December, that time of the year. No, I don’t mean the shopping and cookie overdose, rather the reflection time. And if you are also setting some goals for 2016, please let me know your thoughts!

Here are my personal life hacks, when it comes to getting things done and achieving my goals.

Less is more

Choose 1 to 3 goals you really want to achieve in 2016.

Stay realistic and true to yourself.


Write them down, talk about them, even sing about them if it helps!

Go for it, you deserve it!

Share your goals

Talk to me. I will contact you 3 times in 2016 and support you, if you’d like to.

Free service for a limited number of clients.

I also use this or a similar cheat-sheet:

Goals Results Leading indicators Leading indicators Leading indicators
In 2016, I will The most positive impact of my goal is..

Who will notice this?
I will ask for feedback

(name persons)
I will follow up on a regular basis

(how will I collect the data?)
In case of a setback,

I would do this:
  1. STOP...
  2. CONTINUE...
  3. CHANGE...

However you plan to achieve those goals, I am truly wishing you all the best for it!

Have a great 2016, with health, happy relationships, love, lots of laughter and fun and great success!