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Why you shouldn't let your unfiltered emotions take over

Phew! What an exhausting meeting. Leaving the room, John feels dead-beat. The introduction of the new HR software seems to be going nowhere and he feels deeply frustrated. But there’s no time for emotions. Dozens of e-mails are waiting, plus he’s only got half an hour left before his next team meeting starts. So, all he can do is swallow down his...

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On complexity and other opportunities

9:30 p.m. in Shanghai. Seated around the conference table are managers of a multinational IT company, looking at me and each other with big eyes. "Oh, I know about VUCA challenges, alright," James is saying, “in sales, we struggle with them every day." "Oh, come on,” Sylvia butts in, “VUCA, VUCA, VUCA. Complexity and VUCA. That's all I ever hear...

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Leaving an established player to join a start-up: A rocky change

Will I fit in? What do superiors and colleagues think of me? How can I make a difference? Changing jobs is always a venture into the unknown. More likely than not, you (or your staff) will wonder whether you fit in. The situation gets particularly difficult when you leave an established company to join a start-up, or vice versa. So, be prepared to...

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How to provide ad-hoc support through coaching

"There’s this person on my team and I just don't know how to handle her. Can you help?" a supervisor asks her division manager. Now imagine that division manager were you: What would you tell her? This may not sound like a typical coaching-tools situation at first; its label doesn’t say "long-term people development." Well, it doesn't have to.


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When day-to-day business eats up strategy

“With top managers and strategy, it’s often like with young teenagers and sex," a senior manager once told me, "they talk about it all the time but rarely ever get down to business." Well, while this may be painful for the teenagers at worst (*if* the observation holds true), for the managers it can have dramatic consequences. Swamped in...

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Better to coach well than to court in vain

Dear entrepreneurs, dear managers:

Whether we've met before or not – I expect you'll all agree with my hypothesis: Important and responsible tasks should only be delegated to capable, highly committed people. Which, in my experience, immediately raises the next question: Where can you find these "right", responsible people?

Apples falling far...

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VUCA at top management

VUCA is not only something you hear about in the daily press, but have more than likely already experienced to some extent. Things going on around us are becoming increasingly difficult to predict these days. Share prices can seesaw dramatically within a very short space of time – and have done so for some years now. Surprises seem to have become...

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