Masha Ibeschitz –
Your Reflection Guide.

Global. Active. Focused.

  • Want to understand, benefit from and enjoy managing corporate policy conditions?
  • Want to liberate yourself from rigid, old structures and enable inspired thinking?
  • Rules are made to be broken.
    You want to be a game-changer.
    You thrive on steering the game in your direction.
  • You believe that top results can only be achieved with people who feel valued and want you around them.
  • Want to counter pressure and make effective, targeted use of your precious time?
  • Want to make the most of structures to further develop your ideas?
  • Is the next reshuffle aimed at facilitating change?
  • Challenges are key to furthering your own personal development?
  • Still looking for right the career path?
  • Want to soften and remould hardened fronts?

Turning the other way only helps momentarily. However, it does not actually make the issue go away! It is always worth taking a closer look: at the situation, the circumstances – at yourself. And you WILL achieve this with me as your Reflection Guide. Things that previously seemed unclear will finally make themselves apparent. And what does this mean for you? Real clarity for the road ahead.

How far beyond do you dare to think? Think beyond.

Your recipe for success:

  • Reflection Sessions
  • Coaching
  • Shadowing
  • Trainings & Workshops
  • Feedback processes

I look forward to getting to know you, your personal issues and challenges. Wherever you are.

Germany – Austria – Switzerland – Russia – UK – USA – South Africa – Latin America – Malaysia – Singapore...


  • MDI Management Development Institute – Asia Pacific, Malaysia
    2007 – 2009 | Managing Partner
    2011 Managing Partner MDI Europe
  • Executive Academy of the University of Economics and Business, Vienna
    2007 – 2009 | Senior Corporate Business & Product Development Manager, Asia
  • Pannoneum Neusiedl/See – Business and Tourism College, Neusiedl am See
    1996 – 2006 | Lecturer of economics, management, accountancy, communication, personal development and soft skills
  • Kulturkontakt Austria
    1999 – 2007 | Project work in Eastern and South-Eastern Europe
    Development of tourism colleges in Romania – in collaboration with the Romanian Ministry of Education
  • Artists in motion – Artists on location 
    2000 | Art and cultural coaching in Warsaw and Vienna
  • GWK Consult
    1998 – 2007 | HR Development Consultant
  • Leadership experience in various branches
    1989 – 1996 | Project management, business development and HR development in tourism, as well as both the financial and marketing sector (inbound and outbound). Management positions in various companies such as Telemark Marketing, B.I.T. Training Centre, Schöckler Portfolio Management, Wertwerke.

Professional Awards

  • International German Training Award 2013/14 – Gold for MDI and Hornbach – The Professional Association of Trainers, Advisors and Coaches
  • Mondi Diamond Awards – Silver in the “First Line Managers Programme”
    October 2012, at Mondi Diamond Awards, South Africa

Advanced Professional Qualifications

  • Business Management Studies, University of Vienna
    Master of Social and Economic Sciences (German qualification: Mag. rer. soc. oec.)
  • Associate Certified Coach, International Coach Federation
    2016 | Globally recognised professional coaching qualification
  • Kirkpatrick Certified Facilitator
    2015 | 2015 | First – and from 2015-2016 only – trainer in the German-speaking world to be Kirkpatrick-certified
  • Facial expression resonance – Eilert Academy
    2015 – 2016 | Trainer and Coach Certification
  • DRIVE, the surprising truth – Daniel Pink
    2015 | Certified facilitator
  • Promote learning transfer platform
    2014 | Certified trainer
  • MTA Learning
    2014 | Certified trainer
  • Viennese Potential Analysis © – Lackner & Kabas
    2013 | Certification: Viennese Potential Analysis
  • DiSC Profile
    2010 | Trainer certification
  • CAPTain ontalents – Potential Analyses
    2007 | CAPTain Certified trainer
  • NLP Master
    Dr. Gundl Kutschera Institute
  • Several “Train the trainer” certifications:
    B. I. T. Vienna
  • INSIGHTS MDI-certified
  • ICF (International Coach Federation) Certificate
    Certified Trainer PCM
    (Process Communication Model)

Additional Positions

  • Founder:
    Since 1995 | Leadership coaching, training, support / process support
  • Managing Partner – MDI Management Development Institute 
    Since 2011 | Solutions development & international trainer management
    Since 2000 | Trainer, coach, process facilitator
  • Kirkpatrick Partners 
    Since 2015 | Kirkpatrick Certified Facilitator
  • Executive Academy of the University of Economics and Business, Vienna
    Since 2001 | Trainer, coach; communication, management and process facilitator
  • Lecturer – Academy for Economics and Tourism
    Since 2002 | Development and implementation of programmes / curriculums on school development, consultancy, leadership development and mentoring
  • Integrata – Cegos Group
    Since 1995 | Trainer, coach – with a main focus on communication, management and corporate leadership