„Why turn the other way when you can take a closer look?“

Reflection Guide & Coach for top-level executives
Global. Active. Focused.

  • Who are you?
  • What’s holding you back?
  • Where do you want to be?

At top management level, nothing is quite as it seems. Honest feedback is rare and expectations astoundingly high. Taking a closer look at WHO you are, WHAT’s holding you back, and above all, WHERE you want to be, produces vital clarity. Reflecting on what has happened creates new space for truly important matters and enables a fresh view of the road ahead.

When reflection succeeds, it can guide like oxygen, keeping that radiant flame of yours brightly lit. And you will be able to achieve the impossible: Think beyond seemingly insurmountable obstacles – and glide over them with ease. Think beyond.

Successful leadership requires deep reflection.
So let’s talk.


How ready are you for VUCA?

Everything going on around us is becoming increasingly difficult to predict these days. Share prices, for example, can seesaw dramatically within a very short space of time – and have indeed lacked stability for some years now. The surprise element truly seems to have become almost a regular feature of daily life.

At the same time, products and services are experiencing ever-growing complexity: Information and situations can now be interpreted in so many different ways that communication is often complicated rather than simplified. For one thing, this proves all too clearly that the challenges imposed by today’s VUCA at top management level are bigger than ever. So, are you ready for that?

Tough just got tougher
Demands placed on people in managerial positions have reached an entirely new dimension. It is becoming increasingly difficult to measure everything and prepare professionally...

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