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Sorting your circumstances, your thoughts and emotions, your options and limitations requires much more than rational analysis. Together, we will explore constellations, visualize aspects, test ideas, explore solution paths. I’ll be your sounding board, coach, guide, source of educated feedback – even your scribe. Whatever you need in your specific situation. Needless to say, everything remains as confidential as you want it to be.

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My background is just as diverse as the range of roles I can assume to provide situation-specific support. I combine business knowledge with a deep understanding of human and interpersonal dynamics, rationale with emotion, international experience with a genuine down-to-earth attitude. And: I have a genuine interest in you and your situation.

Last but not least, I stand with you –  even when times get tough.

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"Masha has given me excellent insights and strategies tailored to my individual's needs. She is able to keep one focused on what matters most at the moment. I highly recommend Masha for business services and coaching at the executive level."

Arezoo Edrisian
Executive Expert Operational Exellence

"With your inspiring presentations and the following workshop sessions full of insights into the topics of ‘Latent behavioral patterns and habits’ and ‘Personality structures at Wienerberger,‘ you truly succeeded in getting participants to think outside the box, reflect on their own behavior, and recognize the potential and opportunities in the different personality structures of the company’s 16,000 employees, as well as realize how to leverage them to create more value. You made a significant contribution to the success of this year’s Wienerberger management conference. This was also confirmed by the extremely positive feedback I’ve received from the other conference participants. For all this, my sincerest thanks to you."

Heimo Scheuch
Wienerberger, CEO

"If you want to grow in your leadership skills and be successful in your C-level position, you must seek coaching from Masha. She will help! Masha is a true leader and management coach. Her workshops are packed with input and food-for-thought - yet, easy to take in. Masha knows how to stir a group to reach a goal and at the same time be warm and heartedly to each participant who needs to get their game to the next level."

Carmen Semler
Senior Manager, PWC

"Masha really is an impressive facilitator who also had a great influence on me personally. Her foresight and openness can help many."

Dr. Andre Vogel
Institute of Solid State Physics, Vienna University of Technology

"A very inspiring approach to conveying knowledge, with lots of humor, fun, participant engagement, and a wealth of ideas to reflect on. The evening was an all-round success, both entertaining and strongly motivating for our executives. In a nutshell, transfer at its best – as a head-to-toe experience!"

Anna-Maria Mikic
Senior HR Consultant, JUWI

"It was again inspiring for me to be together with you. I am impressed by your expertise, dedication and your style. I always try to challenge myself and enjoy your sessions. Thank you for all!"

Gülçin Turgut Saygı
Country HR Director at Mondi group

"Working with Masha was always very beneficial for my teams and me. Already looking forward to the upcoming session with her and my leadership team."

Andreas Roth
Senior Vice President CIO, OMV

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Enhance your company's success by helping people help themselves!

Talent development isn't rocket science. With just a few coaching basics, any executive can learn how to develop their people. My book IMPACT will equip you with the skills to create top performers by using agile leadership and effective, positive guidance.

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Less than 20 percent of what trainees supposedly learn is actually put into practice. Small wonder that training programs regularly fall victim to budget cuts. Summing up 100 years of transfer research, this book demonstrates that transfer success is manageable!

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Join me exploring the people side of the corporate world together. In my blog, we talk about the latest trends and the many aspects of great leadership.

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