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Success Reloaded: Use the power of authenticity to drive success

There are countless business books that provide assistance on how to deal with difficult tasks and conflict situations, however, there are very few that teach us what to do when your career path is taking an unexpected advancement.

How can we still achieve the external success and meaningful action in harmony with family obligations and personal development goals? What exactly needs to be done when a major career leap is imminent? The answer is not so easy and it requires a lot of reflection on the past, present, and future of your own success.

We invite you to get acquainted with Success Reloaded, Masha Ibeschitz’s bestseller that will help you make conscious and long-lasting career decisions.

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Enhance your company's success by helping people help themselves!

Talent development isn't rocket science. With just a few coaching basics, any executive can learn how to develop their people. My book IMPACT will equip you with the skills to create top performers by using agile leadership and effective, positive guidance. 

IMPACT answers questions such as:

  • What exactly is coaching—and what it is not?

  • What is the value of Coaching discussions?

  • What are appropriate occasions for coaching?

  • Who is Coachable? How can you trigger solutions?

  • How to work with questions?

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A hands-on guide to solving the transfer issue

Many seminars are useless—it’s an open secret in HR circles. Less than 20 percent of what trainees learn (or supposedly learn) is actually put into practice. Small wonder that training programs regularly fall victim to budget cuts.

This book demonstrates that transfer success is manageable. The 12 levers to transfer effectiveness introduced here, which form a conclusive framework, represent the gist of scientific research for HR practitioners. Once familiar with these levers, you’ll know what determines transfer success and how to manage it.

Along with to the framework, the book offers more than 50 tools and interventions that HR developers, training providers and trainers can use to maximize the effectiveness of any training course or program.

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